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In Greek mythology Endymion was a beautiful youth who was bestowed with the gift of eternal youth...

ETHOS ENDYMION (99.9% Pure L-Carnosine) - The Fountain of Youth!

L-Carnosine is a natural body product consisting of the amino acids beta-alanine and L-histidine chemically bound to each other. Nerve cells (neurons) and muscle cells (myocytes) contain high levels of Carnosine. Carnosine is NOT a drug, vitamin or mineral and it does not react with any drugs. You are born with high levels of Carnosine in your body but unfortunately it decreases with age. The good news is that you can now replace Carnosine naturally with a daily supplementation of Ethos Endymion which is the very purest form of L-Carnosine available anywhere.

L-Carnosine is the most effective anti-carbonylation agent yet discovered. (Carbonylation is a pathological step in the age-related degradation of the body's proteins.) Carnosine helps to prevent skin collagen cross-linking which leads to loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

 L-Carnosine - Ethos Endymion

L-Carnosine is a SuperAntiOxidant that quenches even the most destructive free radicals: the hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals, superoxide, and singlet oxygen. Carnosine helps to chelate ionic metals (flush toxins from the body).

It also acts as a regulator of zinc and copper concentrations in nerve cells, helping to prevent overstimulation by these neuroactive minerals. What is known about the biological role of Carnosine in the body substantiates all of the above and other studies have indicated further benefits.


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Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops dissolve cataracts naturally

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 Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops
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Bright Eyes Capsules
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Prevent the morning after the night before!
  ФЋMIЋEДD� is the most powerful SuperAntiOxidant currently known. Just 2 grams dissolved in water, taken an hour before alcohol consumption, effectively protects the liver, kidneys and brain against oxidative stress damage from alcohol.

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See the Amazing Ethos E-Tox Patches

Detox whilst you sleep - the all natural way with Ethos E-Tox Extract.
These new patches use a UNIQUE combination of Eastern Complementary Healing Methods which work in harmony to remove toxins (DETOX) from your entire body.

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Set to Transform Sports Industry

Discover why 3x British Thai boxing Champion Emmanuel Iwenjiora uses only Ethos Endymion Carnosine.
Carnosine - A 100% natural and effective performance enhancing compound that should be taken by all athletes.

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