Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel reduces harmful exhaust emissions by burning much more of the fuel much more completely.

“We are pleased to inform the progress of our testing on a Toyota Exsior 1998 CC. Increase of 1.54 km per liter (19.06%). The result is very good." - Bangkok, Thailand

The emissions reductions are very effectively demonstrated in the following photographs taken using a Nikon CF SLWD.



No, these photographs (A & B) do not represent a smoker's lung. As horrifying as they are, these photographs represent a glass plate exposed 1 inch from the exhaust pipe of a Chevrolet cavalier 1994, equiped with a 3,1 L V6 engine, odometer mileage 30,247. Fuel used ARCO 87octane regular unleaded. Photo A (magnified x 200 ) shows hydrocarbons (HC) and noxious gases (NOX) deposited on the glass plate after a mere 30 seconds! Photo B shows the same deposits magnified x 2000. Photos C (x 200) and D (x 2000) show an identical glass plate exposed just 10 minutes after instillation of the MAXPower unit. Note the high percentage reduction of hydrocarbons and noxious gas deposits. You can also notice that the remaining unburned hydrocarbons are still separated from each other showing the ionisation still being in effect even after fuel combustion.




Listen to what our customers have to say...

“After using the MAXPower Super Fuel unit on our Premier NE 118 we are astonished at savings of 25%. The MAXPower is a wonder." - Gujarat, India

"Thank you so much for sending us the MAXPower Super Fuel Unit so quickly. Martin drove somewhere yesterday and WAS THRILLED with the performance. I took the car this morning for a little ride and must say he is right. It runs wonderfully smooth and powerful. Der Motor zieht besser!"
Helga - Deutschland

Nanjing Yinkenong Taxi Co. tested the MAXPower Fuel unit and obtained an average of fuel efficiency improvement of 14.8%.
Nanjing, China

"After testing the MAXPower fuel saver for six months the device has proved to be excellent. The distance that I normally cover on a full tank was increased and my vehicle engine has more power which enables me to carry heavier goods than before. I highly recommend this device because the performance of my vehicle is outstanding."
Commander, Botswana Defence Force

"After two months of monitoring fuel consumption results showed a 19.4% saving. Today I have received the order to proceed with the installation on 40 additional trucks."
Lary, Lojonex Inc. USA

"Prior to installing the fuel saving device the average consumption was one gallon per 22Km. With the fuel saving device fitted an average travel distance of 24Km per gallon was achieved. Therefore, I consider it worthwhile to acquire this fuel saver for each of our 1,208 vehicles as the Civil National Police will save a lot of money each month in fuel costs."
Transportation Department Manager
Civil National Police, San Salvador

"I am pleased to tell you that we have completed our tests with the fuel economizer MAXPower Super fuel on our fleet of Cantine trucks and after two months of testing the results indicate a saving of 20.6%".
President - Guillaume Inc. USA

Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel saves your money and saves our environment

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