Fuel Savers Reduced Emissions Tests
    MAXPower Fuel Savers Test Results

EPA Approved Laboratory   Universal Marketing
Reduced total Hydrocarbons 59%   Reduced total Hydrocarbons 42.55%
General Motors     Increase Mileage 34%
Reduced total Hydrocarbons 57%   Mobil Oil
Craster     Reduced total Hydrocarbons 82.8%
Increase Mileage *Diesel 61%   Increase Mileage 18.3%
    Research & Production Corp. of Transport, Mongolia
      Increase Mileage (Inside City) 21%
      Increase Mileage (outside City) 33%

increased mileage on the following vehicles:

*Actual results may vary. Fuel savings can be higher or lower depending on engine model, fuel quality, equipment, cargo load weight, grade, road conditions, traffic, and weather conditions.


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