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Want to *Cut* your Rising Fuel Costs !

Ethos Proudly Presents its Revolutionary *New Generation* of MAXPower Energy Saving Units...

What is an Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel Unit ?

The Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel unit is an even more powerful, Heavy Duty, Fuel Conditioner which clips over your vehicle's fuel line, without any tools or pipe cutting, and increases your miles per gallon (m.p.g. & l/100Km) by up to an incredible 27% or more !.

Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel Units are patented and approved 'fuel expanders' which reduce your fuel consumption while REDUCING HARMFUL POLLUTANTS into the bargain.  This amazing breakthrough in Modern Technology Supercedes the myriad of previously popular Strontium Ceramic fuel saving devices.

The Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel Unit is also powered by a Patented Neodymium SuperConductor which delivers an incredible force of 12,000 gauss and is designed for use on fuel lines up to 16 mm in diameter.  [ Gauss is the standard SI unit of measurement for Magnetic field Strength. ]

As part of the rare earth family of permanent magnets, Neodymium (Nd)-Iron (Fe) Boron (B) material is often referred to as NdFeB, or just Nd for short, and is the *Most Advanced Permanent Magnet Material* available today.

A certified U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laboratory recently completed tests on the new Ethos MAXPower Fuel Units.  The results were astounding!  Master Service, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, also conducted extensive emissions testing and obtained similar, unheard of results.  The achievements of the Ethos MAXPower Fuel unit is so noteworthy to the environmental community.


The Ethos MAXPower Fuel accelerates combustion and burns more of the fuel that is normally exhausted as un-burned pollution.  By way of its patented Neodymium SuperConductor it generates the specific frequency that, when installed over the fuel line, will fracture the hydrocarbon chains in the passing fuel providing accelerated combustion when burnt.

Ethos MAXPower Super Fuel Saver

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The greatest demand is where fuel prices are highest.  The Ethos MAXPower Fuel Unit retails for roughly 100 times the pump price of one litre of petrol.  The average motorist can save enough money at the fuel pumps to pay for their Ethos MAXPower Fuel Unit in just a few months !   Ethos MAXPower Fuel can be used on any vehicle engine, either petrol, diesel or LPG powered, to increase mileage by up to 20% and greatly reduce harmful emissions too.  The unit can easily be switched from vehicle to vehicle as long as you remember to remove it before you change vehicles.

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