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"my skin has changed, it feels soft, the wrinkles are getting less..."

Hi there Pete,

Its Susan Just to say how much my skin has changed, it feels soft, and Roger is right the wrinkles are getting less, I am delighted with the product.

 blessings Susan.


"No asthma symptoms!"

Hi Pete.

Just thought you'd like to know that I have been a sufferer with Asthma for about 25 years, kept under control with Becotide taken regularly.

When occasionally I run out for a couple of days my symptoms very quickly return as you'd expect, but since I've been taking Endymion my symptoms have cleared up completely.

I didn't realise until I ran out of Becotide "puffer" on holiday, worrying that I must get to a doctor etc. Guess what.. no wheezing! Although my Becotide puffer is always nearby, together with the Salbutamol in case of sudden problems, I've been free of symptoms for the last two and a half months.

When I got a serious cold - it was very serious for me as it always goes straight to my chest, necessitating a prescription of oral steroids to control my wheezing etc. Well I just had a cold or flu with a temperature of 103. Yes it went to my chest briefly, but I got over it quickly and guess what? No asthma symptoms!

Cheers, Godfrey

"writing a letter without needing her glasses..."

Dear Pete,

You'll remember me telling you about my wife Jill's and her writing a letter without needing her glasses. Well, here's a tip for other members which you may like to pass on to them.

In order for Endymion have the best chance of success with your sight, don't wear your glasses out of habit when you first find you start needing them. Take them off again as soon as you've read that text, or whatever.. otherwise Endymion will just be helping you to adapt to your new glasses.

Remember your eyes have muscles which need exercising - and Endymion is good for muscle cells, amongst other things.

All the best.



"he always shows very keen interest in her at bedtime"

Hi everyone at Ethos,

I am a new member of Ethos and want to share some experience with you about your product Endymion. I live in Meersburg on the lake Constance in Germany and a friend of mine, Simon Howlett, told me about Ethos and showed me a jar of this product Endymion. I bought it from him and gave it to my boss as a birthday present. He owns a restaurant - very busy right now with tourists and I work there. I told him how to take it as Simon told me and a week later he came to me saying that his very bald head was itchy and he
noticed strength coming back into his hair. Two weeks later, he said his wife was "afraid" of him because he always shows very keen interest in her at bedtime. After a month he wanted more so Simon made me a member and I sell directly to him. He is so pleased that he tells his friends and I now have five regular customers every month - and one is now a member in my group.

I have no computer and I donīt want one yet. I have seen my website only once for five minutes. Simon helps me with everything I need to know. My customers have a chance to become members too but they are happy paying the full retail price to me - and I donīt mind!

I forgot my experience. I have noticed that I eat less amount of food now and have lost some weight. I donīt know how much but my smaller clothes now fit me again! I have read all the guide lines about Endymion and I know that, not only losing weight, but protecting my body inside and outside.

best wishes

Alexander Hauer

Meersburg, Germany


"I've lost 2 stone (about 13kg) since that first Endymion day"

Hi Pete

As a keen fan of Endymion and a user since day 1 of availability, thereīs something just "clicked" concerning my consistent daily dosage. Previously I had noticed a physical side-effect: strengthening hair and much less fall-out. I sport a beard which now needs to be trimmed twice weekly as opposed to once. Professor Gallantīs written findings are still the real reason for my continuing use, i.e. cell rejuvenation, protection against Alzheimerīs, Parkinsons and stroke, not least to name but a few.

But hereīs something really interesting. Iīve lost 2 stone (about 13kg) since that first Endymion day. Sure, I needed to diet and intentionally did so like thousands of times before but this is very different. My cravings for most foods that I always ban have gone and my ability to take up the dreaded exercise at that time surprised me immensely and now I can jog effectively. Upon recollection, what happened was my appetite became under control and I didnīt realise most of the danger foods were missing from my diet completely until now.

Iīve done a hundred thousand diets and failed like everyone else does but this time itīs working and what a great feeling to me to know that Endymion is responsible!

Kind regards,


PS: A tip for any readers: Endymion is cheaper than S*** Fast and you can eat!


"Our minds are more active and we don't suffer mental fatigue"

Jenny and I started taking Endymion 3 weeks ago and this is what we have found......
*We both have much more energy
*We both feel much more vital
*Our minds are more active and we don't suffer mental fatigue
*I had suffered for months from severe toothache like pains in both legs. The pain has gone!
*We have both lost a little weight
*Jenny had been worried because her hair has been falling out at an alarming rate. This has completely stopped! Roger


"we have far more energy"

Dear Peter,

Both my Mother and I have been taking Endymion religiously and we have noticed that we have far more energy. I will let u know of any further developments as they happen. With kind regards, Helena Lobanov-Rostovsky


"after two weeks reading has much improved"

Birgit in Germany is a hyper-sensitive and hardly any remedies agree with her constitution. They mostly are useless for her complaints anyway (electromagnetic influences, chemicals etc.). Ethos Endymion astonishingly (or not) agreed with her when she first tried it. But she does not take it as yet. She just takes the Eye-Drops. And after only two weeks she feels much better all over. And reading has much improved as well.


"They look 10 years younger"

My mum and dad have travelled up to Ripon and I was amazed how well they both look. Dad has lost weight. Mums wrinkles have softened. They look 10 years younger than their 80 odd years. Mentally they are a revelation as they're as bright as buttons. We all put this down to Endymion. They take it daily without fail... a level teaspoon in a jug of water sipped across the day. Mums been using Bright Eyes drops and her eyes are so much better although she did comment that if she puts them in as she's going to bed they do sting. Has anyone any experience of this? I took her a tub of Bright Eyes Capsules as she is losing the sight in one eye through macular degeneration. Again she is delighted with Ethos as the medical profession have offered her no cure. I will keep you informed on progress she makes.

Warm regards,


"it seems to be curbing my smoking"

"no matter what or how much I do eat, I don't seem to put on weight"

I am still using the Endymion and have just taken today's supplement. It seems to be curbing my smoking slightly. I have found, over the past couple of days, that my usual cravings for chocolate and other sweet foods has subsided. If I felt as bad about life as I do right now, I would normally be stuffing chocolate down my neck faster than I can unwrap it. Another thing to note is that I usually find that I can eat, only when I am settled and relaxed enough to do so. I rarely find that I have an appetite and often I eat a little bit of something and that is all I can manage. On the other hand, every now and again, the body decides that I should eat and I spend the next day or two constantly in the kitchen preparing and eating food although I would not describe myself as having an appetite, just a knowledge that I have to eat. Oddly, no matter what or how much I do eat, I don't seem to put on weight............ Food has tasted a little different at times. Usually for the better.
The RoadRunner..


"I have lost 1 Stone and 4 pounds in weight"

Dear Peter,

You would not believe it but since we met at the start of May and I started
taking Endymion I have lost 1 Stone and 4 pounds in weight, I have lots more
energy and feel better than I have done in years.

You know how sceptical I was at the time that a white powder could do all
the wonderful things you and Steven told me about but I have no choice
but to concur with you now I have experienced the results for myself.

With the extra energy I have been taking more exercises and I think that
it has helped me to alter my eating habits - food somehow seems to taste
better than it did before - it really is an amazing product and now everyone
here is asking me what happened to me so expect more orders from here very

Speak Soon my friend,

Raymond, Lord Major St.Clair of Huntingdon

7th Earl Strathallen & Fienes


"after three days she could climb stairs again"

Patty in Munich, Germany had over a longer period complaints with both her knees. She did say she was sceptical, nevertheless she tried Endymion - and after three days already she reported that she could climb stairs again - without pain! - "But it might be by chance...?" After further two weeks the pain in her knees has not returned!


"insipient sunspots started to fade after a couple of days"

Hi Pete, Many thanks for sending my business pack & Endymion. I have posted the form required, you may already have received it. I already have some success to report from Endymion, I took a leaf from Rogers book, & mixed a little powder into my moisturiser & essential flower water & after only a couple of days, several incipient sunspots which were
growing disturbingly red, started to fade & are now almost invisible!
Warm Regards,
Pamela - Queensland, Australia


"feeling very happy..."

... just got the parcel and tried Endymion right away and danced for a while, feeling very happy... much love Aida

"my skin starts to be different!!!"

Endymion: my skin starts to be different!!! And I feel much fresher-soon I will order more for my friends around - do You have enough on stock??
All the best Aida


"the blurred vision at night, when I am tired, is gone."

Dear Pete,
My eyes:
I take Ethos Endymion *Bright Eyes* Eye-Drops since some weeks now. And the first impression was correct - they DO a lot of good. Not only can I ride my bicycle without sun-glasses again, the blurred vision at night, when I am tired, is gone. And lately I notice, when I walk around and accidentally reach up, that I do NOT WEAR my glasses !


Martin, he is 64 years old, takes Ethos Endymion since the start - April 03. He is free-lance and did not have any projects in May and June. When something came up in July he took it, of course, even though he had no idea how it would work. A very tricky scientific programming job, not directly his line. But he wanted the work and started into it. He won and did a  wonderful job. Even the commissioner admitted afterwards that he did not think it was possible!! Everybody was happy.
Martin says, he really noticed how Endymion gave him the kick in his brain he needed.

Happily - Helga


"lost over a stone in weight"

...on top of all the other great benefits I have seen I've also lost over a stone in weight since starting to take Ethos Endymion.

Alan Woodley

"a steady 3-4 lbs each week and my profile in shop windows is back to normal"

Hello again Peter,

Following on from my last letter about Ethos Endymion, the weight loss is still happening. What I like about it is the fact that it's been a steady 3-4 lbs each week and my profile in shop windows is back to normal. It has definitely reduced my craving for so much food. I have a reasonable breakfast and then I find I have no pangs until about 5pm. All the tit-bits like crisps & chocolate are very much a thing of the past. And what's so good about it is I still have my 5 or 6 pints of beer a week - a big bonus!!

Another thing. For years I've suffered pain in the small of my back but I learned to live with it. A couple of months ago I suddenly realised all the restrictions had gone and bending down to tie up my shoe laces was easy once again. It only dawned on me recently because, as I say, I had learned to live with it all these years. I can only assume it's the Ethos Endymion because I haven't done anything else different.

Best wishes,

Alan Woodley


"I have lost about ten pounds in three months"

Dear Ethos,

I have lost about ten pounds in three months.

One very important aspect of weight loss is to realise that 90% of over eating is in the mind. Boredom, anxiety, loneliness etc. often lead to over eating. One of the best ways to loose weight is to get a new hobby.

Above all it is important that you should never feel hungry. Snack sensibly between meals so that you don't eat too much. If you do feel hungry and start to eat it takes about 20 mins for the message to reach the brain and stop the feeling of hunger. You can eat a lot of unnecessary food in that time!

Finally drink lots of water. I did all the above but the weight loss really started when I added endymion to the water I drink.




"...my hair no longer appears to be falling out"

Although I do look 8 years younger than my age (36) it's the other benefits that I'm interested in, one thing I have noticed is that my hair no longer appears to be falling out, I've still got all my hair and as thick as it is I was noticing it in the bottom of the bath, since taking endymion it would appear that it is no longer falling out only for but a few.




Even the Head Office staff are losing weight!

Peter Aldred has lost 11Kg over the past three months

Paul Robinson has lost 3 lbs per week for the last four weeks

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