L-Carnosine Health Discovery

In association with Professor Steven Charles Gallant & Professor Alexander Boldyrev we would like to take you on an exciting journey of discovery.

We begin way back in the year 1900, in Moscow, where Gulevitsch and Amiradgibi isolated a new compound and began their research to try and discover what it was and whether it held any beneficial properties.

In 1994 Steven's attention was drawn to an experiment carried out by Robin Holliday in which it was shown that by adding the L-Carnosine compound, now contained within Ethos Endymion, to old human cells in culture it was able to rejuvenate the cells in such a way that they virtually matched young human cells. Steven was amazed by these pictures and began wondering what the effect of L-Carnosine would be on living mammals.

In 1996 Professor Steven Gallant and Professor Alexander Boldyrev, the world's leading authorities in their field, began a ground-breaking experiment to see if L-Carnosine would have any beneficial effects on a large group of mice.

Here are the results of their experiment -- we'll leave you to draw your own conclusion...


We have a very strict policy to look after all animals in the very best possible way and conditions. This is vital in all scientific studies so as to achieve the most meaningful results.

You will see from the photograph above that the mouse which was given the L-Carnosine enjoyed a far better quality of life than the one which wasn’t. In fact, he outlived his brother by 1/5th (20% longer).

If you were a mouse ... which one would you prefer to be?
N.B. There is nothing wrong with the mouse on the right apart from old age...

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