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When Ethos launched its new L-Carnosine supplement, Endymion, in April this year it was hailed as the ultimate answer to removing free radicals from your body. This had been proven in the laboratory and also with long-term trials around the world. Less than six months later Endymion is now being sold as the most effective solution to losing weight ever devised. What is going on?

Below is a simple, layman’s guide to growing healthy, fit and slim with Endymion. 

One thing leads to another

Professor Steven Gallant is one of the world’s leading authorities on research into cell-regeneration and has studied L-Carnosine for many years. This is what he told us a few months ago: - 

“Scientists around the world are so excited about the potential for this incredible “elixir of youth”. L-Carnosine is naturally present in our bodies but it decreases as we get older. It has many functions but the main one is to help stimulate cell regeneration – without the risk of mutation. Several companies managed to produce L-Carnosine but I have been disappointed with their results.

“Now I have seen Endymion and I am delighted to confirm that it is the purest form of L-Carnosine produced anywhere in the world. I am convinced that it is the extraordinary quality of Endymion that is helping it achieve the sort of results that we have been predicting in the laboratory for the last 5 years. You will be amazed at the other remarkable improvements that will also happen to you as you continue to take Endymion.

Little did we realise just how significant his comments were going to turn out. When the stories about Endymion customers losing weight arrived at the Ethos offices the initial reaction was to treat them as a fortunate “co-incidence”. Another discussion with Professor Steven soon altered our view. 

“The weight loss is fantastic news. This is something we have seen in the laboratory. I expected it to happen with Endymion but couldn’t be certain. I deliberately omitted any mention of weight loss in our previous discussions. I did not want to influence the results being obtained by your customers. This is no coincidence.

You are just at the beginning...”

The Western View

The human body is a remarkable assembly of cells, elements, chemical reactions and the like. Even now, scientists admit that they don’t fully understand how the different mechanisms involved interact to produce a “living being”. We do, however, know that certain things happen – even though we don’t understand how or why.

Amongst these is the instinctive ability for the body to know what is good for it and what is bad. It is now thought that much of this is stored in our genes and we are born with this knowledge. This includes knowing when to eat and drink, when to sleep and rest and even knowing what to eat and what to avoid.

A simple example of this is watching a dog eating grass. Cows, sheep and other animals eat grass to live. It is part of their staple diet. A fit, healthy dog won’t normally touch it, except to lick moisture from it if it is thirsty. However, what happens when the dog is feeling ill, especially with a digestive problem?  It eats grass! Without going into detail the dog cannot digest the grass in the same way as a cow. The grass acts as a flushing device and empties the stomach (in both directions!) and removes whatever was making it ill. How does a dog know that this works? It hasn’t read a book, watched television and was probably removed from its mothers influence before that knowledge could be passed on. The dog is born with that instinct.

We are born with thousands (maybe millions) of these “instincts”, all designed to protect and enhance the species. As we grow older, many of our senses are “conditioned” to the abuses we have submitted our body to. This includes what we eat, drink, smoke, how we exercise (or don’t), even how we rest and take medication. Our instincts are “over-ruled” by our parents, teachers, doctors, television, advertising. We eat things that we know we shouldn’t have. Eventually we start to like them, and then we crave for them. Chocolate, sugar, salt, alcohol, caffeine are a few of the better-known examples.

We are better informed than centuries ago, our food is more “hygienic”, medical and nutrition advances are announced every day. Despite all this, the “Western” world has a massive obesity problem. Billions of dollars are spent on specialist diets, most of which are insisting on adjusting your food intake in some dramatic way: -

1)     High Carbohydrate Diet.

2)     Low Carbohydrate Diet.

3)     Low Calorie Diet.

4)     Vegetarian Diet.

5)     And so on…

All of these diets are instructing us to modify our food intake. We have to ignore our “instinct” and rigorously follow the diet. They are often successful (to a greater or lesser degree) but what happens when you relax and stop the diet? Despite your best intentions your instinct takes over and you eat what you ate before the diet – and guess what? You put the weight back on.

We are bombarded with advertisements telling us to eat “X” because it is low fat. Then some scientist tells us we should be eating more of one kind of fat but less of another kind. Then another scientist tells us that is wrong and we should just eat Carbohydrates. Then someone else tells us that is wrong and we should cut down on Carbohydrates. No wonder the Western world is in a mess. There is so much contradictory advice that most people have given up caring and now opt for a “tin of this” or a “packet of that”, a take away burger and fries, a ready frozen processed meal, a chocolate biscuit, a can of cola, a packet of crisps. Convenience is king. We pay no regard to what our instincts tell us – in fact we have been ignoring them for so long that they have given up trying to advise us.

The Eastern View

Anyone who has studied Chinese Healthcare knows the important role that food plays in maintaining a healthy body. The Chinese consider that energy (Qi) underlies all existence. This is particularly important with food since the Qi in food affects the Qi in the body.

When the energy is in balance there is harmony and all is at ease. When energy is out of balance then it manifests itself in illness and “dis-ease”.

Certain foods have differing types and amounts of energy and these are influenced by the methods used to grow, process and cook the food. A Chinese doctor may use this knowledge to prescribe certain foods to help with a particular condition. The patient will take the prescription to a special restaurant, which will prepare and cook the meal in the prescribed manner.

This dietary therapy is just one example of how knowledge of energy can be used to balance a person’s Qi. Chinese medicine concentrates on balancing this energy.

In the West we tend to concentrate on a particular food (or food type) and how much of it we eat. If we consider the energetic qualities of food, the amount of food is not the prime factor in determining the type and amount of energy. It is the ways in which the foods are combined or how they are cooked which are important. A balance of foods and tastes is the healthiest way to approach diet; moderation in all things according to the Chinese.

East Meets West

Most of us already take food energies into account without even realising it. Eating lamb with Rosemary or Mint, beef with horseradish sauce, duck with orange, pork with apple are all examples of combining foods that compliment each other. In the West we combine them because of the taste. In the East they use the same combinations but because the energies balance. It is amazing how often the Western combination for taste is identical to the Eastern combination for balance.

The Chinese are famous for their Herbal Medicines. Again these are based on energy. Other herbal remedies are also being introduced from Africa and South America. Few Western doctors are convinced of the results of Herbal treatments. Some go so far as to say we shouldn’t use herbs at all. Yet these same doctors will have Mint with their lamb, horseradish with their beef, basil with their stew and so on.

In the West it is “OK” to have Herbs for flavour but not to use them as medicine. In the East it is considered essential to have herbs for energy balance – this will then give medicinal treatment and a pleasant tasting meal.

The Endymion Link

It is well documented that L-Carnosine is responsible for activating and controlling many functions within the body. Removal of free radicals and cell regeneration being amongst the most prominent.

According to Professor Steven, Endymion triggers two main changes in the way our bodies select and process food.

1)   Firstly these two properties of L-Carnosine combine to give us back our senses of taste and smell. These are the original ones we were programmed with at birth, with no bad habits or contamination with years of junk food. We can now instinctively tell “good food” from bad – just by how it tastes or smells. (The Chinese would say we can sense the energy).

2)     Secondly, the removal of the free radicals makes the entire digestive system more efficient. We become better at extracting and using the nutrients present in the food we eat.

Endymion helps us to automatically select a balanced diet. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we want balance in taste, nutrition or energy. Nature has given us an incredible solution by making all three one and the same thing!

Of course, you have to experiment and you have to give way to your instincts but typical results from taking Endymion are: -

  • Tea/coffee tastes much sweeter than before – now use less sugar.
  • Water tastes just as good as cola.
  • Vegetables taste better if slightly undercooked and with hardly any salt.
  • A normal biscuit tastes as good (or better) than a chocolate biscuit.
  • Fresh fruit is more appealing than a chocolate gateau.
  • Breakfast cereals taste better with fresh fruit and no sugar.
  • Porridge tastes even better than cereals.
  • Breakfast becomes an important meal.
  • Between meal snacks are very rare.
  • Burgers and fries no longer appeal.
  • Honey tastes fabulous.
  • You don’t drink that extra glass of wine/beer.

The above list is just a sample of the hundreds of tiny changes that can occur in your eating habits. Note we use the words – can occur. If you continue eating three chocolate biscuits before bedtime “because I have always done” then you will over-ride your instinct. If, however, you stop and ask yourself “Do I really want a chocolate biscuit, or will a plain biscuit taste better?” – you could be amazed at the answer you give yourself.

Eating With Endymion

It is important to remember that losing weight with Endymion does not require complicated calorie calculations or strict dietary regimes. Endymion is a combination of lots of small, subtle changes to your eating habits and your lifestyle in general. You eat what’s tasty, when you want to. It really is as simple as that.

Drinking the odd can of cola, eating a chocolate or cream cake is not a problem. You can have them on the Ethos diet! The important thing is to be honest with yourself and question your motives for eating these “taboo” items. Are you eating it because it tastes good or are you eating it because you used to like it? There is a big difference.

Good Eating Habits

Our research has given us a great insight into eating habits in general. All of these points contribute to a healthier person. As before, it is interesting to see that many of these tips are recommended in both Western and Eastern cultures. It is not essential to strictly follow every single one. Success is more about being aware of these guidelines and accommodating as many of them as practical and as often as convenient.

What you will find is that the more of these guidelines you follow the better the end result. 

Eating habits: -

  • Start and finish the day with a glass of water.

  • Take Endymion gradually throughout the day for best effect.

  • Drink plenty of water with Endymion.

  • Accept that Endymion will affect your desire for certain foods.

  • Learn how to say no to those cream cakes. It is much easier than you think.

  • Eat a good breakfast. The “energy” in food eaten before you start work will be used during the day. A regular hearty breakfast will also convince your subconscious that there is no need to store energy (fat) for tomorrow. You won’t need that snack during the morning either.

  • Try not to eat much after 6-00pm. Your body is unlikely to use the energy in the food during the evening and will “store” it ready for tomorrow.

  • Regular, gradual exercise is more beneficial than occasional heavy exercise.

  • Be happy when you eat. Learn to smile and chew at the same time.

  • Try fresh vegetables or fruit if you fancy a snack.

  • Digestion is improved if you do not drink any liquid whilst eating.

  • Use honey instead of sugar wherever possible.

  • Cut down on the amount of added salt and reduce your intake of snack foods such as crisps and salted nuts. Endymion is a great help with these – you probably won’t fancy them anyway.

  • Avoid overcooking food – especially vegetables.

  • Try to plan your eating so that you never feel really hungry.

  • Remember that the “I am hungry” message takes approximately 20 minutes to reach your brain. More importantly the “I am no longer hungry” message can also take 20 minutes. You can eat a lot of unnecessary food during those 20 minutes!

  • Reduce your intake of caffeine (coffee, cola and most fizzy drinks).

  • Try drinking water – it really is good for you.

  • Always remember your daily Endymion.

What we suggest is that you print out a copy of the eating habits guidelines and review them at least once a day. Perhaps put them on the kitchen wall or on the front of the fridge.

You may also like to print out some Ethos ‘E’ logos and place them in strategic places to help remind you too “think before you eat”.

What you have read here will change your life forever - but only if you take action...

For best results: the recommended daily intake of Ethos Endymion is 1 gram per day. We suggest taking ½g in the mornings and ½g in the evenings, preferably at least 30 minutes before meals. Alternatively, 1 gram can be added to a bottle of mineral water and sipped regularly throughout the day.

½ a gram = 1 packed, level 1ml measuring spoon

Easy to take: It is tasteless, colourless and odourless when mixed in mineral water or fresh fruit juice so you don't even know you are taking it ... until you begin to see the results.

Endymion is Exclusive to Ethos and is NOT available in

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We can only produce limited quantities of Endymion at this high purity.

Initial orders are limited to a 3 months supply per address. This then guarantees continuity of further supplies at monthly intervals.


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