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Ethos Noni From Paradise

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The MORINDA CITRIFOLIA plant produces a remarkable fruit known as "Noni" which Western scientists, nutritionists and health practitioners have been enthusiastically discovering the unique benefits of during recent years.

Purported by native islanders and their traditional holistic practitioners there is a long list of natural properties associated with the daily intake of this 100% PURE NONI FRUIT JUICE.

Our 32 fl/oz bottles of Noni Juice actually contain 32 fl/oz of ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PURE NONI FRUIT JUICE... nothing whatsoever added... and nothing taken away!  They are not to be confused with other Noni 'Juices' which contain 100% pure Noni Juice... but which have been diluted with other, less expensive fruit juices or are reconstituted with water.

If you are at all unsure then please inspect the label... if there are ANY other ingredients, besides "Morinda Citrifolia" - Noni Juice, then it is not 100% pure!  Simply by the definition of 'pure', it cannot be.

Noni is best drunk 'neat' although, because of its natural strong taste, some people prefer to dilute it to their own taste with water or the pure, natural, fruit Juice of their choice.

100% PURE Ethos Noni Fruit Juice is, ounce for ounce, a far more cost-effective way of buying, as opposed to paying its high price per fl/oz for the grape, or other fruit juice, content some suppliers dilute theirs with.

One may naturally assume that 100% Pure Noni Juice would be far more expensive than other diluted Noni Juices.  When you *compare notes*, we think that you will be pleasantly surprised...   Would you rather purchase Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice or an orange 'drink'... and still pay the same price ??

 Sunset in Paradise

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Thank you a million times. I received my noni on Wednesday afternoon. That was clearly fast and I appreciated your quick assistance very much.
Look foward to talking to you very soon.
Catherine - Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

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