FREE Endymion (and other ethos products)

- Every Month

As a Member you automatically receive a 30% Discount. When you introduce a new Customer they pay the full Retail Price and Ethos says thank you by paying the 30% to you... This happens each time they purchase any product from Ethos.

If that Customer is smart they will join Ethos and become a Member themselves. We still want to thank you for the introduction but the new Member is now receiving the 30% Discount. In this case, we pay you a 5% bonus on their purchases. They are known as your 1st Generation Members. Over time they will start recommending Ethos to their friends. These become your 2nd Generation Members and you receive a further 4% on their purchases.

Click HERE for a full overview of the Ethos Rewards Programme for full and part-time Income seekers.

How does this work?

The Ethos Computer (EGBERT) automatically allocates your rewards every time anyone in your Organisation purchases products. The rewards are totalled at the end of each month.

You can see the amount of these Rewards at any time during the month from the Members section of your Personal Website.

At the end of the month EGBERT transfers the amount owing to you to YOUR ACCOUNT. Again, you can see the balance in YOUR ACCOUNT from your Personal Website. This amount could vary from a few pounds to substantial amounts depending on the size of your organisation.

Whenever you make a purchase EGBERT will automatically take the money from YOUR ACCOUNT. (If there are insufficient funds then he will use your Credit Card for the remaining amount.)

How many Customers/Members do I need for FREE Products?

These figures are approximate and are based on Customers/Members ordering the same value as yourself each month. Click HERE for a full explanation of the Rewards Programme.

  • 4 Customers buying a @ Retail Price


  • 4 Members (1st Generation) each with only 3 Members (2nd Generation)


  • 1 Customer PLUS 3 Members (1st Gen.) each with only 2 Members (2nd Gen)


  • Any equivalent combination of Customers and Members

How do I get my rewards?

At the end of each month the computer totals your rewards and bonuses and allocates that amount to YOUR ACCOUNT – you can access this from your personal website (only you can view YOUR ACCOUNT – other Members can only see their personal account). You can leave the money in YOUR ACCOUNT so that it can be exchanged for products when you order them OR you can request (on line) for some, or all, of it to be sent to you in the form of a bank cheque. This will be posted immediately after the 10th of that month.

Do I have to Qualify or meet any targets?

There are some simple monthly qualifications to receive the full bonuses and rewards when you have a large group of Members. Click HERE to see a full explanation of the rewards programme. However, at this stage the only points you need remember are:

You automatically receive the 30% Retail Profit from ALL your referred Customers’ purchases – even if you do nothing – NO QUALIFICATION REQUIRED.

You need to QUALIFY your Membership to receive bonuses and rewards from the purchases of other Members (and their customers) in your group. You can QUALIFY in one of two ways:

  • You and/or your referred Customers purchase 60g of Endymion (or other products of similar value) during the calendar month.


  • You introduce at least one new customer who becomes a Member – during that month.

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