The Ethos Endymion Weight Loss Programme!

Weight Loss Myths Dispelled

1) In order to lose weight you have to give up eating the food you love. WRONG! Eat what you want with Endymion.

2) In order to lose weight you must exercise. WRONG! Exercise may be good for you but not necessary with Endymion.

3) Once you gain weight by having a baby you never lose it. WRONG! You can with Endymion.

4) "Fat Free" foods stop you putting on weight. WRONG! Fat Free foods can sometimes fool the body into wanting to store any fat it can. Eat whatever you want with Endymion.

5) The only way to lose weight is by starvation. WRONG! This may work on a very temporary basis but can be extremely dangerous. You will quickly regain any weight lost. Endymion adjusts your way of dealing with food and storing fat. Your weight is gone - permanently.

Redress the body's imbalances by stimulating the metabolism and curbing the appetite with Ethos Endymion.

Worried about your Low Carbohydrate diet ? - You should be.

Worried about your High Carbohydrate diet ? - You should be.

Worried about your Low Calorie diet ? - You should be.

Ethos Endymion teaches your body to regulate itself so that you lose weight safely and permanently. Stop dreaming of a younger, firmer body - start to grow your own - naturally.

For best results: The recommended daily intake of Ethos Endymion is 1 gram per day. We suggest taking g in the mornings and g in the evenings, preferably at least 30 minutes before meals. Alternatively, 1 gram can be added to a bottle of mineral water and sipped regularly throughout the day.

Easy to take: It is tasteless, colourless and odourless when mixed in mineral water or fresh fruit juice so you don't even know you are taking it ... until you begin to see the results.

What you have read here will change your life forever - but only if you take action...

Endymion is Exclusive to Ethos and is NOT available in

ANY Pharmacies, Chemists or Drug Stores!

We can only produce limited quantities of Endymion at this high purity.

Initial orders are limited to a 3 months supply per address. This then guarantees continuity of further supplies at monthly intervals.


Start Losing Weight - Guaranteed!

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Guaranteed Full refund if you arent delighted with the results.
This is an offer you cant refuse. - Most customers notice the improvements within a week or two but it could take up to 10 weeks for you to be really proud of your body again. If, after taking Endymion for 3 consecutive months you are not delighted then we will refund the full value of your last Endymion order with us. No questions asked.