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"I have lost 1 Stone and 4 pounds in weight"

Dear Peter,

You would not believe it but since we met at the start of May and I started
taking Endymion I have lost 1 Stone and 4 pounds in weight, I have lots more energy and feel better than I have done in years.

You know how sceptical I was at the time that a white powder could do all
the wonderful things you and Steven told me about but I have no choice
but to concur with you now I have experienced the results for myself.

With the extra energy I have been taking more exercises and I think that
it has helped me to alter my eating habits - food somehow seems to taste
better than it did before - it really is an amazing product and now everyone here is asking me what happened to me so expect more orders from here very shortly.

Speak Soon my friend,

Raymond, Lord Major St.Clair of Huntingdon

7th Earl Strathallen & Fienes


"I've lost 2 stone (about 13kg) since that first Endymion day"

Hi Pete

As a keen fan of Endymion and a user since day 1 of availability, there´s something just "clicked" concerning my consistent daily dosage. Previously I had noticed a physical side-effect: strengthening hair and much less fall-out. I sport a beard which now needs to be trimmed twice weekly as opposed to once. Professor Gallant´s written findings are still the real reason for my continuing use, i.e. cell rejuvenation, protection against Alzheimer´s, Parkinsons and stroke, not least to name but a few.

But here´s something really interesting. I´ve lost 2 stone (about 13kg) since that first Endymion day. Sure, I needed to diet and intentionally did so like thousands of times before but this is very different. My cravings for most foods that I always ban have gone and my ability to take up the dreaded exercise at that time surprised me immensely and now I can jog effectively. Upon recollection, what happened was my appetite became under control and I didn´t realise most of the danger foods were missing from my diet completely until now.

I´ve done a hundred thousand diets and failed like everyone else does but this time it´s working and what a great feeling to me to know that Endymion is responsible!

Kind regards,


PS: A tip for any readers: Endymion is cheaper than S*** Fast and you can eat!


"no matter what or how much I do eat, I don't seem to put on weight"

I have found, over the past couple of days, that my usual cravings for chocolate and other sweet foods has subsided. If I felt as bad about life as I do right now, I would normally be stuffing chocolate down my neck faster than I can unwrap it. Another thing to note is that I usually find that I can eat, only when I am settled and relaxed enough to do so. I rarely find that I have an appetite and often I eat a little bit of something and that is all I can manage. On the other hand, every now and again, the body decides that I should eat and I spend the next day or two constantly in the kitchen preparing and eating food although I would not describe myself as having an appetite, just a knowledge that I have to eat. Oddly, no matter what or how much I do eat, I don't seem to put on weight............ Food has tasted a little different at times. Usually for the better.
The RoadRunner


"They look 10 years younger"

My mum and dad have travelled up to Ripon and I was amazed how well they both look. Dad has lost weight. Mums wrinkles have softened. They look 10 years younger than their 80 odd years. Mentally they are a revelation as they're as bright as buttons. We all put this down to Endymion. They take it daily without fail... a level teaspoon in a jug of water sipped across the day. Mums been using Bright Eyes drops and her eyes are so much better although she did comment that if she puts them in as she's going to bed they do sting. Has anyone any experience of this? I took her a tub of Bright Eyes Capsules as she is losing the sight in one eye through macular degeneration. Again she is delighted with Ethos as the medical profession have offered her no cure. I will keep you informed on progress she makes.

Warm regards,


no longer eating all the chocolate biscuits and maltesers during the coffee break

Hi Pete,

As you know, my 23 year old daughter, Becci, was with us last weekend. She has always smiled politely and nodded knowingly whenever I talk about Ethos. However, this weekend she was telling us how fed up she is with all the diets she has been trying recently. None of them work because she still can't stop eating chocolate and cakes and other sweet things.

As she was leaving on Sunday night I quietly gave her a tub of Endymion and explained how to mix it with a bottle of water and drink it gradually during the day. "Why should I do that? What will it do?" she asked.

"Take it because I would like you to. As for what it will do - we'll just have to wait and see but it could help with your eating. Just make sure you take it." I replied.

It is now Thursday, 4 days after she left and she has just telephoned.


"Yes dear?"

"What's in that Endymion stuff? How does it work? How much is it?"

"Why? What have you noticed?"

"Well, that's the point - I hadn't noticed anything but the girls at work want to know all about it. They couldn't understand why I was no longer eating all the chocolate biscuits and maltesers during the coffee break. I hadn't even realised until they pointed it out. Then I remembered - I forgot to have my pudding last night after tea. That must be the first time in years. Anyway, they all want some."

best regards,



"lost over a stone in weight"

...on top of all the other great benefits I have seen I've also lost over a stone in weight since starting to take Ethos Endymion.

Alan Woodley

"a steady 3-4 lbs each week and my profile in shop windows is back to normal"

Hello again Peter,

Following on from my last letter about Ethos Endymion, the weight loss is still happening. What I like about it is the fact that it's been a steady 3-4 lbs each week and my profile in shop windows is back to normal. It has definitely reduced my craving for so much food. I have a reasonable breakfast and then I find I have no pangs until about 5pm. All the tit-bits like crisps & chocolate are very much a thing of the past. And what's so good about it is I still have my 5 or 6 pints of beer a week - a big bonus!!

Another thing. For years I've suffered pain in the small of my back but I learned to live with it. A couple of months ago I suddenly realised all the restrictions had gone and bending down to tie up my shoe laces was easy once again. It only dawned on me recently because, as I say, I had learned to live with it all these years. I can only assume it's the Ethos Endymion because I haven't done anything else different.

Best wishes,

Alan Woodley


"I have lost about ten pounds in three months"

Dear Ethos,

I have lost about ten pounds in three months.

One very important aspect of weight loss is to realise that 90% of over eating is in the mind. Boredom, anxiety, loneliness etc. often lead to over eating. One of the best ways to lose weight is to get a new hobby.

Above all it is important that you should never feel hungry. Snack sensibly between meals so that you don't eat too much. If you do feel hungry and start to eat it takes about 20 mins for the message to reach the brain and stop the feeling of hunger. You can eat a lot of unnecessary food in that time!

Finally drink lots of water. I did all the above but the weight loss really started when I added endymion to the water I drink.




Even the Head Office staff are losing weight!

Peter Aldred has lost 11Kg over the past three months

Paul Robinson has lost 3 lbs per week for the last four weeks



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Professor Gallant

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