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What is Noni ?

The word Noni is the generic name for a plant known scientifically as Morinda Citrifolia.

Noni has an extensive and wide-ranging history in both Polynesian and Hawaiian folk traditions.  It is mainly drunk in liquid form.  This can be either the juice of the Noni Fruit or as a reconstituted concentrate made from crushing the whole Noni Plant.

A survey in the USA showed that 78% of 10,000 Noni drinkers surveyed felt a noticeable uplifting effect and 60% were so pleased that they would not give up their Noni under any conditions !

The history books tell us that early Polynesians recognised its value and consumed it in times of famine and that during World War II they taught soldiers based on their islands to eat the Noni fruit to sustain their strength.  There are references to Noni being eaten by the people of Raratonga, Samoa, and Fiji, and Aborigines are also reputed to be fond of Noni.  It is worth noting that there are references to the fruit being eaten both raw and cooked and references to Noni seeds, leaves, bark, and root all being eaten by the cognoscenti.

The Noni plant flourishes in most tropical locations but especially the South Pacific Islands.

Noni is 2,000 years old and yet brand new... Noni seems to optimise and potentise in a truly synergistic way the nutritional foundation you already have from the rest of your diet - both conventional and alternative, both basic and supplemented.

In short, whatever else you are swallowing or taking will be 'turned up a notch' by the addition of Noni.

The Noni tree bears fruit 365 days of the year and this ebullient and vigorous energy bestows an abundance and vitality to the fruit, which is reflected in the juice it yields.

Noni has now become one of America's fastest ever selling products and is gaining increasing credibility as an outstanding wonder of nature in both holistic and scientific communities.

There are records of Noni having been used for thousands of years in both India and Polynesia and it is now gaining increasing recognition as a natural tonic.  With over 140 nutritionally active constituents identified, countless books and clinical reports are now attesting to the efficacy of Noni.

Ethos Noni Fruit Juice is 100% Pure and you will not find better quality anywhere... or at any price !